Independent Asset Manager

Genève Invest S.à.r.l. is an independent Swiss wealth management firm headquartered in Geneva. We are licensed as a financial intermediary and are members of the PolyReg association, a self-regulatory organisation that is recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Why Genève Invest?

Genève Invest is an experienced Fixed Income specialist and enables private investors the compilation of a professional portfolio, which is otherwise only possible for institutional investors such as pension funds and college funds.

Our Performance Results

Annualized performance for all client accounts of Genève Invest S.à.r.l. during the period of 2012 until 2017 (in Euro)*

KPMG Performance Results Chart

*The historic data is no guarantee of future performance. The above-mentioned performance results are net results (after deduction of all fees but before tax) and refer to all client accounts of Genève Invest S.à.r.l.. Please CLICK HERE in order to have a detailed look at our Investment Performance Results (audited by KPMG & BDO).

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Our Clients

We primarily work with international and Swiss private clients who are looking to invest over the medium- and long-term.

We build a lasting business relationship with this circle of clientèle, which is based on regular dialogue and mutual trust. We accept management mandates starting from a minimum amount of 50,000 CHF/EUR/USD.

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Our Approach

To us, every client is unique. It is important that we know the personal and financial situation of each individual client to ensure that the investments we offer meet their individual needs and expectations. We follow a conservative investment strategy, which means that we avoid speculative investments, because our objective is to secure our clients’ assets and increase them over the long-term.

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Our Investments

We offer a wide range of financial investment opportunities. On the one hand, we offer fixed-rate corporate bonds to achieve constant interest income for our clients, and on the other, we also offer high-dividend value stocks, if these correspond to the target return and investment horizon of our clients. If necessary, these investment categories can be supplemented by alternative investments.

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